Mr. James Glotfelty serves as an Executive Vice President of External Affairs at Clean Line Energy Partners LLC. Mr. Glotfelty serves as Strategic Advisor of Contango Capital Partnership Management, LLC. Mr. Glotfelty served as Vice President and Director of Houston Office at ICF International Inc. and also served as its Vice President of Energy Markets since August 2004. He has more than ten years of experience in both the public- and private sectors and is a well-known expert in electric transmission and distribution, generation, energy policy, and energy security.

Mr. Glotfelty served at the U.S. Department of Energy as the Director of the Office of Electric Transmission and Distribution, a $100 million per year electricity transmission and distribution (T&D) research and development program. He also was the lead U.S. representative to the joint U.S.-Canadian Power System Outage Task Force investigating the Blackout of August 2003. While at DOE, Mr. Glotfelty worked extensively with utility Chief Executive Officers and senior management in the electric power and energy sectors. He led teams that focused on researching T&D technologies, gaining Presidential permits for cross-border transmission lines, the impacts of Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO), identifying major transmission bottlenecks in the U.S., and securing the critical energy infrastructure in the U.S.

Mr. Glotfelty served as the Senior Policy Advisor to U.S. Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham and Energy Policy Director to then Texas Governor George W. Bush and Legislative Director to Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX).