Bob Dold recently left the United States House of Representatives after serving two terms representing Illinois 10th Congressional district.  Congressman Dold served on the Financial Services Committee and the powerful  Ways & Means Committee where he was focused on access to capital for small businesses, tax reform, healthcare reform and tackling poverty issues plaguing communities across our nation.

Dold has been ranked as one of the most independent bi-partisan members of the US Congress. Dold is an original member of the No Labels movement which, Dold stated, he hoped would help to end the gridlock in Washington, DC.  He served as the Co-Chair of the Tuesday Group, an informal caucus of moderate Republicans focused on pragmatic governing solutions.  An editorial in The Daily Herald noted Dold’s spirit of bipartisanship and called for more Bob Dolds in Congress.  in 2015, The Lugar Center, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit founded by former Senator Richard Lugar released a Bipartisan Index in cooperation with Georgetown University, ranking Congressman Dold the fifth most bipartisan congressman (out of 438) in the 114th Congress.